Xeno-architecture at KAAI

Perhaps it is high time for a xeno-architecture to match

Brussels, BE
Type: Spatial Design

perhaps it is high time for a xeno-architecture to match


Metahaven Poster


  • Spatial design by Studio Miessen
  • Project Leader: Markus Miessen, Berta Cusó
  • Team: Anni Leo
  • Curated by: Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve, Alice Haddad
  • Photography: ©Thomas Nolf

Xeno-architecture is not a description of the given but a speculative concept that will only show itself in and from the future. The curatorial and research platform Perhaps it is high time for a
xeno-architecture to match invites philosopher Armen Avanessian and architect Markus Miessen, giving them carte blanche to discuss  the possibilities of “xeno-architecture” and reflect upon how spatial practice, by embracing alienation, may open up a larger space for the (as yet) unknown. By turning away from “what is” towards “what could be”, is it possible to build an architecture (of knowing) that can deal with today’s overwhelming complexity and global unrest?

Instead of giving a lecture, Avanessian and Miessen created a xeno-architectural setting and decided to host scent artist Beau Rhee (New York), noise artist Mattin (Bilbao/Berlin), and media artists Tim Tsang & Parches (Los Angeles) to develop a speculative sense event investigating how space can be understood differently. In an experimental attempt to abductively produce something “other”, we witness the development of new knowledge in the making.
This event is part of Kaaitheater’s seasonal programme, which is built around a central question, “How are we to ‘remake’ society at the  dawn of the 21st century?” and relates this inquiry to the realm of spatial practice.