Studio Miessen is an architecture and design practice based in Berlin. Interested in the deployment of critical spatial practice as a methodology, we collaboratively work and consult on conceptualising and implementing architecture on all scales as well as projects that include spatial design, strategic frameworks, research, curatorial approaches, and discursive activities. From our international network of expert collaborators, we provide customised approaches for each project.

Studio Miessen works with and for private and public clients –– individuals, collectives, institutions and organisations –– and specialises in spatially rethinking, redesigning and, hence, promoting cultural institutions. We also work closely with artists, who we assist to realise small-to-large-scale spatial ideas and support them in realising exhibitions and large-scale institutional shows. Our work also includes self-initiated activities and projects that span from physical construction to writing and criticism.

Our practice is based on dialogue. We prefer to go through the entire process of a project with our clients – from beginning to end. But we can also help you redefine an existing space or project. At first, we listen.


Markus Miessen
Principle Architect

Christoph Degenhard, Claudia Afonso, Pablo Prado Serrano




Past Team

  • Vincent Meyer Madaus
  • Marta Cavallé
  • Berta Cusó Cuquerella
  • Richard Lee Peragine
  • Andreea Hriscu
  • Heejung Kim
  • Catarina Louza Brito
  • Beatriz Dias
  • Anna Lena Kortmann
  • Julian Meisen
  • Zoë Ritts
  • Pablo Santacana
  • Carolina Simão
  • Dinara Zhubaniyazova
  • Pelin Alkan
  • Tasos Antonopoulos
  • Anni Leo
  • Giannella Cocco
  • Paula Palermo
  • Torben Körschkes
  • Felix McNamara
  • Frixos Petrou
  • Daqian Cao
  • Theresa Kraus
  • Benjamin Nicaud
  • Paul Bourigan
  • Estelle Jullian
  • Bas van Bentum
  • Lea Lin Böhmer
  • Daniel Springer
  • Diogo Passarinho
  • Yulia Startsev
  • Martin Pohl
  • Márk Redele
  • Aimee Burnett
  • Sophie Burgess
  • Mehran Mojtahedzadeh
  • Thalia Chrambolapolous
  • Ana Cosma
  • Amer Jbeili
  • Caspar Noyons
  • Mahan Shirazi
  • Hamed Bukhamseen
  • Nina Valerie Kolowratnik