When Economies Become Form

Edited by Tina DiCarlo & Markus Miessen

Berlage Institute

Micro-Economic Models as Spatial Prescriptions in Northeast Brazil

This 18-week research studio will investigate a strategy for local intervention. The current economic climate and emergence of six resorts within the emerging sub-urban economy of Northeast Brazil, which has proven resilient to the current economic crisis, will be invoked as a case study. The six-star Duas Barras resort under development along Alagoas’ 143 miles of unspoiled coast will provide a backdrop for investigation.

Students will investigate twelve meta-topics via micro-economies in which content-productions become formal interventions and spatial prescriptions. Individual interventions will arise out of explorations considered on local, regional and super regional scales, which will in turn be considered as an accumulation or composite to produce a new, generative layer for the (sub-) region. Communication design will enter as content. Text will be developed as a material construct.

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