Institution Building

Edited by Nikolaus Hirsch, Philipp Misselwitz, Markus Miessen, Matthias Görlich

Sternberg Press

Institution Building – Artists, Curators, Architects, and the Struggle for Space

Contributions by Shumon Basar, Andrea Phillips, and Jan Verwoert

This thought-provoking collection of writings looks at how the language of the architectural skin in which art is presented affects the way in which viewers, curators, and artists experience the works. Continuing Sternberg Press's exploration of the concept and reality of the European Kunsthalle a temporary art exhibit space the editors and contributors offer a series of strategies that explore the intermixing of the disciplines of art itself, how art is exhibited, and architecture. How will that apply to the interaction between future exhibitions and their spaces? As time spans of exhibitions become shorter and programs become more differentiated, architecture in itself becomes the exhibition.

Graphic design by Studio Görlich.