Slater Bradley Studio

Type: Spatial Design

Commissioned by Slater Bradley

Slater Bradley

  • Architecture and spatial design by Studio Miessen
  • Project Leader: Markus Miessen, Felix McNamara
  • Team: Berta Cusó, Frixos Petrou, Daqian Cao
  • Technical realisation: Robert Genci, Kaspar Salathé
  • Photography: Enric Duch

Slater Bradley’s studio in Berlin occupies a U-shaped plan, a dead-end or broken loop. The complete visual separation between the opposite poles of the space led to the strategy of a linear path from the most private to the most public forms of artistic production; at one end a semi-enclosed, somewhat chaotic office, at the other, a clean exhibition space. The path between its ends is a malleable space for various forms of physical artistic work. As a place of both creation and presentation, the stratification of the studio’s functions allows for it to act as and be engaged with multiple, separate, and sometimes overlapping identities.

The constructed additions to the space primarily take the form of a series of monolithic elements confronting the pervasive issue of storage, each structure adapting to the aesthetic language of its respective zone within the studio. A large rotating wall in the exhibition space creates a flexible relationship between the building’s accessibility to sunlight and the space’s ability to perform as a miniature, elastic white cube.