Performa Hub 11

New York, US
Type: Spatial Design

Commissioned by RoseLee Goldberg, Performa

  • Designed by nOffice (Miessen Pflugfelder Nilsson)

For the 2011 edition of Performa Biennial the temporary Hub was situated in an unused carriageway on Mott Street. It was simultaneously a suction tunnel funnelling visitors to the courtyard and further to the adjacent classrooms in the existing building as well as a space in its own right hosting performances, lectures, discussions, film screenings and a small bookshop. As such, the hub was conceived as a flexible space with movable furniture allowing for numerous spatial and programmatic configurations. The Performa 11 Hub was uniformly painted in an intense blue colour drawing people in from Mott Street. In the tunnel one has the sense of a blurry weightlessness.