Manifesta 8 (catalogue)

Contribution: Contribution: Haiku Code – A MacGuffin for Art (nOffice - Miessen Pflugfelder, Nilsson)

Edited by Manifesta 8

Published by Silvana Editoriale


In 2010, hosted by a score of historical buildings, art spaces and media outlets in Murcia and Cartagena, the Manifesta 8 exhibitions and numerous aligned projects focus on the most innovative, emerging art from Europe and beyond, with themes often in dialogue with nothern Africa.

It is multi-faceted event devised by three, cutting-edge, curatorial teams: ACAF – Alexandria Contemporary Art Forum (Egypt & U.S.A.); CPS – Chamber of Public Secrets (Italy, Middle East, Scandinavia & U.K.) and (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary & Slovakia).