ARCHIPHOENIX – Faculties for Architecture

Contribution: Contribution: Beyond the singular into the collaborative - How we work. In Conversation with Damon Rich, and Joseph Grima

Edited by Stealth




ARCHIPHOENIX - Faculties for Architecture has turned the Dutch Pavilion, at the 11th Architecture Biennale in Venice, into a weeklong stage for research and exploration and a debate platform focussing on the capacities and capabilities of architecture - beyond building. ARCHIPHOENIX takes the recent burning-down of the Faculty of Architecture in Delft as starting point for an exploration of what values to defend, what territories to explore and what practices to develop as an architect. The fire seems to open a new era, it gives the architecture community a chance to reposition itself and the opportunity to question whether thinking in terms of buildings is the solution to the issues and demands that we face in the near future. In short: the faculties for architecture, in the sense of its multiple capacities, powers, capabilities. A question mark rather than an exclamation mark.