Emergency Exit

Contribution: Contribution: Becoming Laing, Becoming Conflict: Physicalised Mental Space and the Desire for Confrontation (with Magnus Nilsson)

Edited by Elias Redstone

Sternberg Press


The Emergency Exit installation not only merges the disciplines of architecture and art within this project, it is the culmination of a collaborative dialogue between Agnieszka Kurant and Aleksandra Wasilkowska that unites their interests and professional experiences. While the installation itself offers a unique and challenging experience within the Biennale context, there is also a specific set of ideas and a particular discourse in which the project is rooted. The Polish Pavilion thus represents both a cultural and epistemological moment that we attempt to unpack in this catalogue. Importantly, this background is not purely to be found in literary, theoretical or discursive texts. Rather, we hope that the many photographs, cultural references, and graphics give as much meaning to the pavilion as the essays we have brought together.