Consensus Bar

Witte de With

Rotterdam, NL
Type: Spatial Design

Commissioned by Defne Ayas, Witte de With

Witte de With

  • Spatial Design by Studio Miessen
  • Project Leader: Markus Miessen, Diogo Passarinho
  • Production Team: Paul Van Gennip
  • Photography by Bob Goedewaagen

Hidden on the first floor, visitors occasionally encountered “the consensus area”, a temporal dark space behind a white curtain roll that functioned as a shared space for social gatherings and events. Furnished with simple wood bench structures and a white fading smoke ceiling that rejuvenates every hour, the space echoed the structure of a hidden apse. Playing with the historical relationship between religious structures and educational systems, the room’s atmosphere was eerily similar to a religious setting for sacrilege and profanity.