Hito Steyerl Walker Art Center

How Not to be Seen

Minneapolis, US
Hito Steyerl / Walker Art Center
Type: Exhibition Architecture

Commissioned by Hito Steyerl and the Walker Art Center

Walker Art Center

  • Spatial Design by Studio Miessen
  • Project Leader: Markus Miessen
  • Team:┬áMehran Mojtahedzadeh
  • Photography by Walker Art Center

Hito Steyerl's latest work appears specifically in the context of the revelations about the U.S. Secret NSA information gathering activities. However we live in a time in which not only government institutions have access to digital traces. Our environment is measured and photographed by satellites. We carry with us digital transmitters that further contribute to our surveillance of each other as well as broadcasting information about our physical coordinates to telephone companies and internet providers . In this context, is it still possible to not be seen or to disappear?

Studio Miessen produced the design for this work at the Walker Art Center.