Credit Suisse

Art and Entrepreneurship

Dubai, New York+
Type: Exhibition Architecture

Other Locations: Berlin, Moscow, Geneva, Milan, Madrid, and London

Commissioned by Credit Suisse

In collaboration with Neutral, Zurich (Michelle Nicol and Rudolph Schürmann)

Contributions by Magnus Nilsson and Arianna Riccioti.

  • Design by Miessen & Ploughfields
  • Photography by Markus Miessen

New perspectives on entrepreneurship on display in Dubai, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Geneva, Milan, Madrid, and London.

In 2008, Credit Suisse launched its "Art & Entrepreneurship" exhibition tour at Art Dubai, featuring a new generation of 19 artists from around the globe. The exhibition contained unique artworks, which were conceptualized around the question of entrepreneurship; a spirit which has fuelled important breakthroughs in science, business and cultural practices. Following its launch in Dubai, the exhibition went on to be presented in seven major global cities. The tour concluded on November 24, with the auctioning of the artwork in London. One half of the proceeds went to the contributing artists, the other half to the charitable organization, "Room to Read".